This is œuvre 3 of my return to Outsider Art after a 13-year hiatus. Outsider artists, according to what people write about us, take to art as a distraction from traumatic life experiences. In my prior life I expected to be legally blind. Having cancer seems to be the driver in this life.

MONADS IN LIMBO 2019 Roberta Westerberg. Marking pen on cardboard 22.5″ X 19″

I Have Cancer. Please Don’t Call Me a ‘Survivor’ | Medpage Today

No chemo, no radiation, no symptoms, a few biopsies — hardly the stuff of heroism

+I have had no chemo, no radiation, no symptoms? (Symptoms could be from something ELSE going on in me.), biopsies? (When the biopsy taken from inside my stomach was found to be cancerous, I refused further medical treatment.

The dog tag I wear says DO NOT RESCUSSITATE and PALIATIVE CARE ONLY. I spent a year in a hospice bed, and got kicked out of it because I didn’t die. So I really wonder: What the hell is going on? I don’t believe God cured me of cancer. Don’t ring any bells for me. I have another day of life on this side of the Abyss. Yeah!!!

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